Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Emperor Has No Clothes
International Man's Jeff Thomas & Nick Giambruno discuss Brexit & what the implications & follow-on consequences may be .. "One of the most important nations in Europe has just stated, 'We’ll take our licks, if need be, but we want a divorce. You’ve been a poor spouse and we’re splitting the sheets.' In effect, the UK is like the little boy who had the temerity to say, 'The Emperor has no clothes. 'No one else had the nerve to say it, but once it’s been said, other countries needn’t be as fearful as they were before." .. on the U.S.: "The U.S. is headed for a series of crashes. Who knows what will happen after that? Maybe the U.S. can be reborn as a group of independent states as was originally intended. Each could create its own strengths instead of being eternally burdened by a self-interested uber-state."
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