Sunday, June 12, 2016

Soros* Buying Gold On 
BREXIT, EU “Collapse” Risk
GoldCore reports that George Soros* is again buying gold, selling & going short stocks due to BREXIT & EU “collapse” risk, after a 6 year hiatus from the gold market .. he warns that inflation is likely soon & is voicing concerns about BREXIT, the disintegration of the EU, a Chinese financial crash, global contagion & a new World War .. GoldCore: "The real risks of another global financial crisis as warned in recent days by Martin Wolf and Japanese Prime Minister Abe are largely being ignored again – as was the case before the first crisis. A few market observers are warning about and again they are largely being ignored The inability to look at the reality of the global financial and economic challenges confronting us today will see investors suffer financial losses again. In the coming crisis, depositors and savers are also exposed due to the new bail-in regimes. Real diversification and an allocation to gold bullion coins and bars remains the key to weathering the second global financial crisis."
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