Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rick Rule: Only Gold & Silver Will Rise
In This Chaotic Market After BREXIT 
Rule updates on the resource market after the UK voted to leave the Eurozone. Volatility is going to run rampant he proclaims .. breathtaking volatility is what Brexit will result in .. discussion point - will the Euro zone breakup because of Brexit? .. 15 minutes

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how he comes to that conclusion. First of all it is all relative. So called fait money represents the value of labour in an economy. Is 'all' labour going to become worth less because of Brexit.

Then the question arises will the monetary authorities see a need to stimulate the all ready overly simulated economies of the world because of Brexit ? Well the only way they can do that is by lowering interest rates ... go figure !

In any event lower interest rates, even if possible, mean higher capitalization values. Down don't make much sense to me, (although I will say it boggles the mind somewhat to imagine the infinity already created by discounting at negative interest rates getting even larger).