Monday, June 06, 2016

Regulations In The U.S. 
Are Hurting Jobs
"What people are ignoring is regulation. Under Obamacare, there is absolutely no possible way even I would hire more than 24 Americans. We have people working in Beijing to Germany. Then you have the pension crisis. Companies are hiring part-time to avoid pensions. Even the U.S. Post Office is playing that game. The heaps of regulation associated with this entire mess is crazy. And politicians want to raise the minimum wage to $15? All they will do is replace workers on a major scale. We already have robots and drones replacing workers because of regulation, pensions, and healthcare. Eliminate all that, and $15 is no big deal. This is all reflective of the confusing trends as the economy is shifting. The jobs numbers on the one hand would say no rate hike. However, if assets continue to take off, the Fed will be accused of helping the rich get richer and will have to raise rates or be crucified by the socialists. So as we have been saying, this is the crazy times."
- Martin Armstrong
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It Takes a Village to Maintain a Dangerous Financial System

The problem has gotten more severe in recent decades. Financial innovations such as securitization and derivatives, which can be used to manage risk, have enabled financial firms to take more risk while hiding this fact within the increasingly complex and opaque global system. As privileged access to funding and opportunities to hide risk expanded, regulations and disclosure rules failed to keep up and counter the distorted incentives.

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Wow...RI Treasurer @SethMagaziner charges retirees $10K to see docs from Wall St firms hes investing their money in
Question: What’s worse than having your retirement savings invested in funds that fail to provide you with a prospectus before you invest?

Answer: Funds that demand you pay money to view their prospectuses.

Question: What’s worse than having to pay for prospectuses of funds in which your retirement savings are invested?

Answer: Paying $10,000 for the documents and still not getting them.

The questions and answers above sound like bad jokes and they’re not funny.
But that’s exactly what happened when retired school teachers in Rhode Island requested the prospectuses of the funds in which the $7 billion-plus state pension had invested their money. Thirty-one year old General Treasurer Seth Magaziner demanded the elders pay $10,000 for the documents and then, after the retirees had raised the monies and paid him, he refused to provide the offering documents.

Worse still, it’s happening to public pension stakeholders around the nation—not just in tiny Rhode Island. Simply put, state pension officials are withholding prospectuses from investors, i.e., taxpayers and participants, in funds.

how is this legal?

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He’s 20. Has brain cancer. And is caught in the crossfire between the FDA and a renegade doctor

The family drama comes amid growing tension — in Congress and across the US — about how far terminally ill patients can, and should, go in search of a miracle.

The FDA tries to protect patients from unproven remedies that might do more harm than good. But when a child has an incurable brain tumor, does the same cold calculus of risk and benefit apply?

“Neil wanted to be part of this research,” Wendy Fachon, Neil’s mother, told STAT. “What did he have to lose — his life?”

For his part, Neil said in an interview Tuesday that he has been focusing on staying upbeat, even amid the “crazy stress” of fighting the FDA for the right to try the infusions. “I’m thinking ‘What can I still do?’” he said. “I can hold my head up. I can keep the most positive spirit I can, and help my parents get through this the best they can. And that’s precisely what I intend to do.”

are they protecting patients or medical industry…..?lots of money at stake….