Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Predicting the Efficacy of a Coming Revolution
International Man's Jeff Thomas explains the process of political & economic change in governments & economies which are in the throes of self-destruction due to excessive debt & unsustainable budgets .. Thomas emphasizes that it is only a fraction of the population that takes action significant enough to bring about change .. on Argentina: "Most Argentines receive entitlements, but, as Cristina ruins the economy further, the entitlements get smaller and smaller. So, they’re angry and, this time, they’ll vote for a conservative for president this time. Argentina will become more fiscally responsible for two or three years, then the people will demand a return to the socialism that they had before. The majority don’t care about a healthy economy. They only want conservatism long enough to stabilize the country so that they can get their entitlements back. It’s always the same."
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