Friday, June 24, 2016

Rash Of Foodborne Outbreaks Highlight 
The Dangers Of An Industrialized Food System
Intercontinental travel & the shipping of animals & food across the world have become a 'viral expressway,' allowing epidemics to spread far & wide in a short amount of time .. "In recent weeks there has been an uptick in foodborne disease outbreaks, affecting a number of foods and nutritional products you normally would not suspect, including flour, sunflower seeds and multivitamins .. E. coli carrying the drug resistant mcr-1 gene has been detected in the U.S. This mutated gene confers resistance to drugs of last resort in human medicine."

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Anonymous said...

Sponsoring that industry of slaughtering animals by eating their flesh is quite simply disgusting. It is sub human and people who do it get what they deserve.