Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More Hedge Funds Are Closing
Than Are Opening
"There is a crisis is hedge funds unfolding. Many are incapable of really providing consistent performance and they are really just following the talking heads if not adding to the nonsense ..  One of the greatest problems in management is the larger the fund, the more difficult it becomes to perform. It is easy to make 20% on a small fund, but very difficult on a large fund. Most funds are clueless with respect to timing no less price. They tend to trade fundamentally with some technology that is only a flat model incapable of actually truly seeing the global perspective. This is why there are more funds closing than opening these days."
- Martin Armstrong
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Jim Sinclair-Biggest Bubble in the History of Finance
Gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair says $10 trillion in negative debt is beyond stupid. Sinclair contends, “When you make the mistake of paying for the privilege for investing in an absolute insolvent, you are in the biggest bubble in the history of finance. When this tears loose, it’s going to be the biggest tear of the fabric of our lives that we have ever experienced. There are so many things happening and starting to unravel, but nothing is bigger than paying for the privilege of investing in an insolvent.”

Greg Hunter was invited to guest host with Mr. Sinclair and his business partner Bill Holter on JSMineset.com for their paid subscribers. Holter adds, “The fact you have so many (Wall Street elite) coming out in a compressed period of time tells you it’s on the immediate horizon. . . . It’s a reset. That’s how it’s going to be done. We will go to bed on Friday and come Monday morning, the markets won’t open, and whenever they do reopen, there’s your reset or the beginning of the reset.”