Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kevin Duffy: Historically Unprecedented 
Global Bond Bubble Is Still Growing
Wall St for Main St interviews hedge fund manager Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management ..  he runs his hedge fund with Bill Laggner & they use the Austrian School of Economics at their hedge fund for different insights in markets & the global economy .. 40 minutes

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RPT-Latest threat to online lenders: "stacking" of multiple loans

Hanson now pays nearly 40 percent interest on his latest loan, from yet another lender.

"I pretty much feel trapped," he said.

New revelations of loose lending could make it harder for the beleaguered sector to win back trust from investors who are already concerned about slipshod underwriting and rising default risk. The marketplace lending industry - which last year hit $18 billion in annual loan originations - has seen plummeting share prices and the retreat of some major backers, including BlackRock and Citigroup.