Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jim Willie: Silver Byproduct Supply Problems 
Could Mean 5 Fold Gains in Silver?
Wall St For Main St interviews Jim Willie .. discussion on:
1) Former Goldman Sachs alumni & current Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President recently said in public that the Federal Reserve serves Main St. Do you agree with him?
2) Will the powerful politicians & bureaucrats running the EU allow Brexit to occur?
3) Do you think the economic & political elites were meeting at the recent Bilderberg meeting to discuss how to implement fully digital currencies and a cashless society on a global scale?
4) Do you think the U.S. wants a new president in place in Brazil to allow U.S. oil companies to buy up assets from PetroBras as Petrobras faces financial problems from low oil prices & too much debt? Are the Chinese also planning how to get involved in this with strategic investments into mining & oil in Brazil?
5) China is now issuing RMB bonds from it's BRICs bank & Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. In your opinion what does this mean for the global financial system & the Petro Dollar?
& more ..  1 hour 20 minutes
[Cliff Note: Jim Willie is somewhat on the fringe; we do not agree with some of his statements, but he does make some very interesting observations occasionally - worth a listen.]

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