Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's Not The British, It's The EU
Martin Armstrong sees the real culprit as the European Union, not the UK .. "The brain-dead morons cannot grasp that they crossed the line and embarked upon a political union in which they have denied any democratic process because they assume the people are too stupid to see what they see .. The markets will settle down and then flip. The smart money will figure out that London will remain as a financial center, as will Zurich. But there will be no such center within the EU because the politicians have a mechanism in place to outlaw short-selling at their discretion whenever the markets say they are wrong. BREXIT is the survival of Britain, not its demise. The crisis brewing is eight member states will ultimately follow Britain and hold referendums The attempt by Brussels to create the United States of Europe .. The looked to the USA and saw interbreeding of European nationalities and they saw a single currency. What they overlooked was a single language. Once everyone spoke English, then the intermarriage process began. These elitists are insane and do not understand what they have done."
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Anonymous said...

Armstrong is quite right in my opinion. One thought which is worth a moment of consideration is how much more the vote would have been representative of England, had those in the wild woolies of Scotland and Northern Ireland not been involved. They are like the East Coasters of Canada that elected TrueDo with his bleeding heart and childhood naivety They have had very little contact with Islam, which is spreading through more populous areas of western civilization implementing Sharia Law as it goes.

The British voted to try to take back their home before it is too late.