Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Interest Rates At Lowest Level In 5,000 Years!?
Article highlights the astonishing times we are living in today .. a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report states that interest rates are at their lowest level in 5,000 years .. "BAML analysts point out that since the Global Financial Crisis, the 'War on Deflation' has been fought exclusively with monetary policy encompassing 654 rate cuts since the Lehman bankruptcy and $12.3 trillion in purchases of financial assets by global central banks .. BAML analysts point out that in the past four years, bond yields have remained stubbornly low in the U.S., while government bond yields in Japan, the Eurozone and Switzerland have, in the past year, all dropped into negative territory for the first time ever .. Team argues that monetary policy has failed to deliver the knockout blow to deflation. They point out that while Wall Street has boomed, Main Street has not, with wages continuing to drop as a percentage of GDP. The BAML report argues that income inequality is unlikely to be solved through a further sustained rise in asset prices."
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