Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Gregory Mannarino-It’s All Going
To Collapse At The Same Time
Greg Hunter interview .. Mannarino: "I am just waiting to see what they will do to prop this up further, or at least stop it from making a precipitous plunge. That is coming no matter what they do. The debt market here is on fire. It’s in big trouble here. Another alarm is the yield curve. The yield curve is flattening .. This is a bad, bad omen ..  It’s a very ominous sign that something is lurking just beyond the horizon .. We’ve never seen anything like this in world history. It’s unbelievable. It’s collective collusion between world central banks and their respective governments to inflate this global bubble in debt in an attempt to stimulate growth. It has not worked. It’s very simple. If they could have fixed it, they would have fixed it by now. They can’t do it .. We are existing now in a terminal side effect ..  It’s all going to collapse at the same time." .. 30 minutes

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Anonymous said...

This guy is too young to be telling other people what is going to happen.