Thursday, June 30, 2016

Turmoil Continues As Currency Danger 
Now Threatens The World
"There is no question that the UK is the epicenter of the volatility that has roiled global markets Friday and today .. We are still feeling the shockwaves sent around the world by its vote. But are we seeing tidal waves or ripples? .. National currencies are the real problem today. More to the point, when the financial sector of a stock market gets hit while the share prices of companies involved in tangible assets – like the precious metal miners – do relatively okay, it is an early sign that inflationary pressures are building, which is the point I have been making all year .. Let’s watch to see what the market tells us over the coming days and weeks because right now, everything is suggesting higher inflation. And if the system is not stabilized by taking the correct steps to undo the growing imbalances, hyperinflation of national currencies remains a real risk. No one can predict when that tipping point will arrive. But with all the currency sloshing around plus the new additions from central banks on Friday, we are headed in that direction. It’s no wonder that gold and silver are having their best year since they reached those dramatic peaks in 2011, which is where the price of gold and silver are headed once again — back to all-time highs."
- James Turk, GoldMoney
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