Friday, June 17, 2016

Even CNBC's Steve Liesman Seems Ready To Admit:
 Leisman: "I think the first rate hike cycle is over. What Janet Yellen said in response to my question, and if you look at what has happened to the rate hike cycle, is pretty profound. It's as close to the Fed getting to capitulation as I've ever seen, about the efficacy of Fed policy, about the outlook for the economy. I just want to read this: "I think all of us are involved in a process of constantly reevaluating where the neutral rate is." Basically they see these headwinds to the economy as becoming part of the new normal .. And I am going to give Rick a blue ribbon because Rick represents the markets. Rick - the markets won. The Fed has completely capitulated to the market's point of view. The Fed is not leading the markets here, the markets are leading the Fed. Every single time."
Rick Santelli: "There is no market.
There is Janet. There's Mario Draghi. There is Abe. There is no market left."
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Anonymous said...

Analyze this
Well, there it was Thursday, out in the open, reported by a
mainstream financial news organization, Bloomberg, if without any
recognition of its meaning. All the major central banks are
plotting coordinated intervention in the financial markets if the
United Kingdom votes next week to reclaim its independence by
withdrawing from the European Union:

Citing a television interview he gave in Bern, Bloomberg reported
that Thomas Jordan, president of the Swiss National Bank, said
"officials could act in global markets to prevent any

A member of the governing council of the European Central Bank,
Ewald Nowotny, was quoted by Bloomberg as saying that central
bank currency swap arrangements will ensure that lenders "have
access to liquidity during any 'disturbances on the market.'"

How much "exaggeration" and "disturbance" will be allowed? That
is, what range of prices will be permitted in which financial
instruments? At what points will central banks intervene? Of
course only they and their agents will be permitted to know that;
ordinary traders and investors will have to guess. Market
manipulation works much better if it is concealed.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer

Anonymous said...

Clinton’s Progressive Beacon Is a Former Goldman Sachs Banker and Bob Rubin Protégé

“Gary Gensler still has not learned the lessons of the late ’90s and of deregulating Wall Street.”
‘More Mission for the Money’

Since he joined the campaign in April 2015, Gensler, 58, has been advising Clinton not just on financial policy but on trade and taxes. With his help, she’s focused in on the so-called shadow banking system—non-bank entities that behave like banks but do not face the same regulations—as a key area in need of more rules. He’s also resisted activist pressure to support a 21st-century Glass-Steagall Act.
His official post, which he requested, is chief financial officer. At Clinton headquarters, signs hang above each department, briefly distilling what each does.