Monday, June 06, 2016

Charles Nenner - The Next Big War 
Will Involve China
Greg Hunter interviews financial analyst Charles Nenner who contends: "I think the dollar will still stay strong. There is no extreme in the dollar. Interest rates are going up in the United States and down in Europe. Why would you not keep dollars? The U.S. economy is still better than the European economy. I am not sure why people think the dollar could crash. . . . If the dollar is strong, that is even worse for the profits of the companies. If the dollar continues up, it is almost certain the stock market is coming down." .. On war: "We are still looking over all for the big one. I still think it’s going to involve China and maybe Korea. It will be in that neighborhood. I think the rest (meaning the Middle East and Eastern Europe) is going to stay under control." .. 24 minutes

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