Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit - What Are The Impacts?
McAlvany Commentary .. You Brexit , You Buy It… Either way there’s cost .. The elite are out of touch to the stirrings of the masses .. As the west votes breakup, Putin’s Russia & China unite .. 48 minutes

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tom said...

Guess How a Political Crony Voted on Brexit

Tony Blair has tweeted a picture of himself holding a card informing he voted in favor of crony "Remain". As if this is a surprise.

Since he has left office, the backroom globalist has joined JPMorganChase in a "senior advisory capacity." He is an adviser to Zurich Financial Services on climate change. And has received huge fees from UI Energy Corporation.

He also operates the crony Tony Blair Associates.

And it is supposed to be news that he voted in favor of crony trade?