Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit: A Choice Between
Big Government & Small Government
"What did 17.4 million British people vote for? One can only speak for oneself. We voted for economic independence from a failing totalitarian socialist economic bloc. The euro zone isn’t working – a literal truth for the unemployed young across Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The euro zone is simply too big to function properly. Given the widely various cultures of the euro zone, it was always going to be a big task for such a diverse patchwork of countries to try and move lock-step together .. We think the EU referendum was ultimately the expression of a choice between big and small government. Enough British voters seemed to have decided that we can get by with less State rather than more. For Generation Snowflake, which would prefer not to be accountable for anything, that has clearly been something of a blow. "
- Tim Price
LINK HERE to the essay

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