Monday, June 27, 2016

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Anonymous said...

It was not the 'door slam' that caused the crumbling. It was German notions as to Christian values. They might be able to make good cars, but they sure don't understand people net alone the Islamic religion/political system, which Merkel seems intent upon taking to the German breast.

Christianity has nothing to do with having a bleeding heart. If Islamic people want to come and have the benefits of a Christian society with its drive and inventive genius with resulting economic progress and higher living standards they should throw away their past and at least embrace Christian values if circumstance and the fear of being labeled an apostate prevent them from becoming actually Christian. They should not come along trying to preserve their old culture and values which demonstrably DO NOT WORK.

Britain has been labouring with this meshy mess of multi-culturisum for 50 years. It has reached critical mass, as indeed it will soon in Europe. It has come to the point where either Sharia law is adopted and Buckingham Palace is turned into a mosque or else change is implemented. Notice the "wild woolies" of Scotland happy in its isolation from the reality of living in England now-a-days still appears unaware of what is happening to England .... as indeed so do the monied classes living in their splendid isolation from the poorer neighbourhhoods.