Sunday, June 26, 2016

Be Forewarned, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Says
Despite The Vote, The Odds Are 
Against Britain Leaving the EU! 
[Cliff has always said: 'MONEY TRUMPS PRINCIPLES'. We are proud of the British people for voting for freedom, but those who control the money may try to reverse the democratic outcome.]
"The Brexit vote shows that a majority of the British voters understand that the UK government represents interests other than the interests of the British people. As difficult as the British know it is to hold their own government to account, they understand they have no prospect whatsoever of holding the EU government to account. During their time under the EU, the British have been reminded of historical times when law was the word of the sovereign. The British people should not be so naive as to think that their vote settles the matter. The fight has only begun. Expect:
— The British government to come back to the people and say, look, the EU has given us a better deal. We can now afford to stay in.
— The Fed, ECB, BOJ, and NY hedge funds to pound the pound and to short British stocks in order to convince the British voters that their vote is sinking the economy.
— More emphasis on the vote’s weakening of Europe, leaving all to the mercy of 'Russian aggression.'
— Expect the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to attribute the loss of British jobs and investment opportunities to the leave vote.
Remember, the Irish voted against the EU and pressure was kept on them until they reversed their vote. This is the likely fate of the British."
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Anonymous said...

Nonsense .... another one that does not understand the issue ....

Marty from North Dakota said...

Yeah, well don't tell us the why of your empty opinion. You are a moron, so STFU.