Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Andy Hoffman-'The Cartel' Cannot Stop 
The Gold & Silver Bull Market
Greg Hunter interviews financial writer Andy Hoffman who is bullish on gold & silver. Why? Hoffman contends: "Now you have this gold bull market which, no matter how hard the cartel tries, they just can’t stop it. The institutional money is moving into gold and silver right now. . . . People are scared around the world, and I agree. I can’t see how we get through the next six months without something really, really terrible happening. . . . There is a common thread of people realizing that it is all hitting the fan right now. Frankly, the election cycle is going to make things worse. If Donald Trump wins, it’s not whether he will be good or bad, we are talking about shaking up the establishment. Donald Trump is talking about renegotiating our debt, defaulting on it." .. 18 minutes

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