Friday, June 24, 2016

Albert Edwards: Focus On China’s 
Stealth Currency Devaluation
Societe Generale’s outspoken analyst Albert Edwards sees a major crisis in the world economy, but not stemming from the over-hyped Brexit vote .. Edwards is worried about the devaluation of the Chinese currency .. "In a current environment where central banks and governments have failed to generate a strong enough economic recovery to normalize interest rates amid persistent deflationary pressures, one would have thought a substantial decline in one’s currency would be welcomed for that is one way to inject a modicum of inflation back into the economic system .. Our attention has been diverted .. China has embarked on a stealth devaluation of the renminbi" as the new trade-weighted currency basket has fallen 10% prior to its initial August 2015 devaluation .. It is China that needs to be monitored, Edwards says. The Brexit is eye candy for the mainstream.
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