Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A Trustworthy Financial System 
Needs A Gold Standard? 
New York-based hedge fund manager & strong gold standard advocate Sean Fieler says it’s time to create competition in the global monetary system because it’s just not working. "I will admit…that returning to a gold standard is not going to happen. The financial architecture isn’t going to be compatible with sound money .. What we’re advocating for…is opening up the monetary system to competition…competition for the Fed and end their money monopoly, which has been abused certainly in recent years." ..  Fieler is also known for his large political contributions & chimed in on the U.S. presidential race as well as GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s appeal among American voters. "The electorate wants a change…and the markets are still anticipating almost no change so you have stocks trading on lofty multiples and bonds trading on negative real yield,’ he said. ‘I think Trump brings more change [while] Clinton is the status quo." The Equinox Partners president also commented on gold & gold stocks, which his firm is invested in. He noted that stocks are up over 80% year-to-date and he expects they have further room to go. "The stocks are now discounting prices of the metals about where spot is but I think the metals have further to go as well." .. 5 minutes

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07 June 2016
The Mask Falls Off

Corporate Media Attempts Clinton Coup d'Etat On Eve of Super Tuesday Elections
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: June 7, 2016
Hillary Clinton was not having a very good morning yesterday. The New York Post had devoted its full front cover to suggesting that Clinton has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality disorder, based on an explosive new book by a former Secret Service agent who was stationed directly outside former President Bill Clinton’s Oval Office and is alleging outbursts and physical violence by the former First Lady.

The book has shot to number one on the nonfiction bestseller list at Amazon.com, meaning more headwinds for the Clinton campaign. On top of that, news was swirling that Senator Bernie Sanders had a good shot of trouncing Clinton in the following day’s critical primary in California, where a massive 475 pledged delegates are at stake. (Five other states are also set to vote today in primaries: New Jersey, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Mexico.)

And then a funny thing happened. At 8:20 p.m. last evening, the Associated Press, which syndicates its news feed to newspapers around the country, ran a story with this headline: “Clinton has delegates to win Democratic nomination.” That quickly morphed into bizarre headline pronouncements that Clinton had actually “won” the Democratic Presidential nomination. Bloomberg News’ went with the craziest headline of the lot, writing: “Clinton Wins Democratic Presidential Nomination.”

Most Americans reading that would assume the Democratic Convention had just been held, votes taken, and Clinton had walked away as the winner. The actual votes won’t be taken until July 25-28 when the Democratic National Convention takes place in Philadelphia....

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