Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Stampede Into Gold Is 
Taking Place As Elites Lose Control?
"Technical traders looking to sell the synthetic gold market structure — beware. We are in uncharted territory. At no time in history has the world watched as central planners visibly lose control (of the system) .. As the physical gold market and the spot markets draw in fresh interest, it makes it increasingly difficult for the usual price triggers to have free reign on the Comex and the over-the-counter markets. This is because their usual price suppression schemes are becoming very expensive in terms of depleting the rapidly thinning immediately deliverable gold supplies, which are literally evaporating in the West and heading to the East .. The wholesale view of the gold market is bullish, and I continue to see evidence of increasingly large underpinning physical demand. This is not just related to Brexit. Right now I see long-term money flowing into both allocated and unallocated gold. But unlike Comex-centric actors, these are investment flows and they are price insensitive — accruing gold in large size, without stops."
- Andrew Maguire
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