Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"This Is Not The America 
My Parents Immigrated To In 1957"
Essay by a first generation American on the hope & opportunity of his parents in coming to America .. "This article is about the huge issues facing America, and our decline into a dictatorship. What will The Donald do about the issues ...? Is he even aware of the issues? Will he bring back the America of my youth? Can he change the regret my aged parents (and, myself) have for coming to this country, and can he restore hope to the weary? I think I know the answers. Except for a few changes (maybe) … it’ll just be more of the same. No one man, at this point in American history, can stop the Storm headed our way .. Hope is what brought my dad and his family to America for a better life. I just wonder if he would have left Austria if he knew that 57 years later his very own son would have no hope whatsoever for America ..."
LINK HERE to the essay

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