Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"They Are Scared To Death" - CEO Explains 
The Single Biggest Reason Why People Are 
Buying Precious Metals
Golden Arrow Resources CEO Joseph Grosso, who is credited with the discovery of the largest silver deposit in history, the single biggest reason that retail investors, institutional players & governments around the world are gobbling up physical precious metals, resource stocks and ETF’s at unprecedented levels is that they are scared to death of the state of the global economy and where it will go next: "Like an expecting father waiting for five years to see a baby being born, we are at the inception of a mining economy… There is a pause, a slight pause towards the U.S. dollar and that pause is allowing the oldest currency in the world, gold and silver to rise and that is now in favor. …Because there is fear. When there is fear, that’s when gold does best … Right now, this is a scary time… People want to hop out [of traditional assets] and find safety in precious metals." .. 29 minutes

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