Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The U.S. Has Been Living Beyond Its Means
For 30 Years
David Stockman* is deeply critical of the Federal Reserve's grand experiment .. the experiment will end badly .. on an accelerating U.S. recession: "It’s hard to say what the black swan is, but right now, if we look at this economy, inventories are building up. If we look at transportation, for instance, rail traffic is down 10%, trucking traffic is down, manufacturing has been negative for months." .. 5 minutes

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The Wall Street bank is already an equity investor and lead IPO adviser in the company
The financing, rare for a tech company in IPO registration, underscores the struggle for highly valued startups like Nutanix to reach the public markets at the share price they want.

Nutanix filed for an IPO in December amidst a dry spell that has seen a steep decline in tech companies going public.
While it waits for an IPO, Nutanix in April issued senior notes to Goldman’s specialty-lending unit, according to the filing.

The terms of the loan guarantee Goldman will be paid at least $6.5 million, a roughly 9% return, and the company says it intends to repay the loan when it successfully stages an IPO. If Nutanix goes public three months after the April loan, the annualized return would be 36%.