Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Elite’s Master Plan for Global Inflation
"It’s another thing when the guy who prints dollars also says the dollar will weaken .. if the guy who prints dollars is looking at a weaker dollar and more inflation, maybe you should too .. A higher dollar price for gold is just a lower value for the dollar. And that’s what the elite’s want .. It’s part of their global inflation plan .. How do you get all the major economies in the world to create inflation without relying on destructive currency wars that merely shuffle money around between winners and losers? .. The monetary elites are looking to engineer higher gold prices to generate inflation since nothing else has worked. That’s the first answer. The evidence is very strong for that hypothesis .. The second part of the answer goes by the name of helicopter money .. The bottom line is that helicopter money is coming. I think inflation is too, either through helicopter money or increasing the gold price — or a combination of both. It may not happen overnight, but governments will ultimately get it if they’re determined enough."
- Jim Rickards*
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