Friday, May 20, 2016

Return Of The Gold Standard
From Bloomberg News to George Soros* to the Houston Chronicle, suddenly gold & the gold standard is hot in the news. Have the elites finally begun to understand real money...or is something else at play? .. 22 minutes

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Anonymous said...

Government has a planning time arisen of a year or two. Society needs a much longer time for planning.

Ron Paul should worry about artificial intelligence finding an economic method of making gold. But that sort of thinking is new and probably beyond his contemplative experience.

The truth is gold only has value because people will buy it with paper money. They will want what "group activities" produce even more. Those provide the very means to live in a society now-a-days. Such is controlled by those nasty people in charge of the society that print the paper stuff. Paper stuff therefore is money and not gold.To repeat, it gives you access to what you need to live.

The idea is to just print enough so that prices stay more or less the same. That has happened. It works. What's all the bitching about ?