Sunday, May 01, 2016

Prepare For The Coming
Financial Earthquake
Jim Rickards* makes the analogy of physical earthquakes to financial earthquakes .. warns of a coming massive financial earthquake, how to prepare for that .."My forecast of a major financial earthquake ahead is getting stronger by the day."
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Anonymous said...

Janet Tavakoli: How to Spot a Fraud The outspoken risk consultant talks to ThinkAdvisor about the biggest red flags for fraud and the two 'big shorts' she sees now

Should you conduct a fraud analysis only when you suspect someone of fraud?

No. But look at situations with a jaundiced eye. Do a fraud analysis thorough enough to uncover fraud if it exists — unless it’s extremely clever fraud. If you don’t look for fraud, you won’t find it. The problem is that fraud starts seeping into everything.

You write that there’s shorting opportunity — a in auto-loan fraud, where losses are climbing. This is an example of shorting par-valued fixed income securities that are being securitized — and, you say, they have the same issues as CDOs in the financial crisis.

Yes, subprime auto loans are good candidates for a big short. Another is Federal student loans.

So, suppose that after you do a fraud analysis, you uncover fraud. What’s your next step?

If you’re a portfolio manager, you’ve got to explain to clients [your negative position] when the rest of the world is telling you that everything is A-OK. Unfortunately, no one can tell you exactly when the truth will come out.

Where do you stand on breaking up the largest global banks?

I assure you that our whole financial system would not fall apart if we broke up the banks. We’d have a healthier and more efficient financial system because it would root out a lot of fraud, opacity and lying about the quality of the balance sheet. We need to go back to the Glass-Steagall [Act] model.

Anonymous said...

Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

2016 Election: Male Goldman Sachs puppet vs. Female Goldman Sachs puppet.

The only one who wouldn't have ever surrounded himself with Goldman people is Bernie Sanders.