Thursday, May 26, 2016

Paul Brodsky:
The Global Monetary System
Has Devalued 47% Over The Last 10 Years
Financial Repression - Forced Inflation 
To Reduce The Burden Of Government Debt
"We have argued the inevitability of Fed-administered hyperinflation, prompted by a global slowdown and its negative impact on the ability to service and repay systemic debt. One of the most politically expedient avenues policy makers could take would be to inflate the debt away in real terms through coordinated currency devaluations against gold, the only monetize-able asset on most central bank balance sheets. To do so they would create new base money with which to purchase gold at pre-arranged fixed exchange prices, which would raise the general price levels in their currencies and across the world to levels that diminish the relative burden of debt repayment (while not sacrificing debt covenants) .. The fact that gold remains on the balance sheets of central banks and is being aggressively bought by them suggests it is gaining, not losing, relevancy as a monetary asset. The fact that it can be used as the fulcrum against which to devalue currencies gives it purpose. The fact that allocations to gold and gold-related assets remains less than 3% of investment portfolios makes it a superior risk-adjusted portfolio allocation .. Our view is that there will not be a switch to a fully-reserved banking system or even a reversion to a fixed exchange rate; however, there will be a significant increase in global currency devaluations against gold, and that it will be coordinated by monetary authorities."
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