Sunday, May 08, 2016

Larry Lindsey: The End Game Consequences 
Of Financial Repression
Larry Lindsey relates some history from the Roman Empire & what is likely to happen as the U.S. government goes increasingly into bankruptcy & as the realization becomes apparent that macroprudential policies are not working: "Our training and bias have always been toward policy activism — that tweaking this or changing the dial on that can always make things better. But critics of activism, often lumped into the ‘Austrian School,’ argue that this will inevitably end badly .. Tweaking and dialing are addictive, both to the policymaker and to the governing class. Inevitably, this will lead to an unsustainable amount of tweaking and dialing and an endgame in which policymakers become powerless as the state’s monetary and fiscal dials are no longer functional and the state is, in effect, bankrupt. But as states never go bankrupt, they then must seize the assets under their dominion through either inflation, taxation and confiscation .. The Roman Empire tried all three. The medieval popes had their Jubilee Years in which all debts, particularly their own and those of other sovereigns, were forgiven. Debasement, grinding taxation, and confiscation from disfavored groups (often the Jews) were all part of the process .. The growth of societies trying these schemes diminishes. Long-term capital moves from growth-enhancing productive investment, which dries up as it increasingly gets channeled into the hands of the state."
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