Monday, May 30, 2016

John Rubino*:
Deflation Results From Attempts To
Create Inflation Through Easy Money
Discussion between Rubino & Gordon T Long* .. Rubino: "I hate to be apocalyptic but the fact of the matter is we have multiple storms that are all playing in the same direction and they are feeding on each other ... If you are a CEO and money is this cheap, you are going to invest into robotics. These trends have accelerated the shift to robotics and this wave is going to shock people and leave many without jobs." .. another unintended consequence of easy monetary policy has been massive borrowing to build factories & generate massive supplies of goods & services - to the point of massive overcapacity .. thus the deflation .. "We are at the point where there are no more options. Anything we do from now on will have some sort of unintended consequences that will come back to bite us .. The narrative has now been shifted to a massive move of increasing central banks’ balance sheets that will be based on fiscal spending on infrastructure." .. 41 minutes

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