Monday, May 23, 2016

John Mauldin*: "If you aren't panicked, you don't have a sufficient grasp of the situation"
"As I reviewed the state of the world, I kept returning to the theme of fragility. There are just so many links in the chain that holds the world economy together. Who would have thought four years ago that we would see 40% of the sovereign debt in the world at negative rates? That sounds almost surreal. We’re in the midst of what I think is a bizarre experiment in monetary policy that is being pursued with almost religious fervor. The unintended consequences of this experiment are still being discovered. I’m actually spending a good deal of my thinking time lately trying to work through the implications. The reports I am reading about the state of the European insurance industry are worrisome in the extreme. Twenty percent of Italian banking debt falls into the nonperforming category. In some banks nonperforming loans are as high as 50%. Where is Italy going to get enough money to bail out the depositors? And that’s just Italy… One very senior money manager told me privately at dinner that he agreed with my assessment. Frankly, that did not make me feel good – I actually wanted to hear someone tell me that I was completely out to lunch. I am reminded of the old joke line that goes something like this: 'If you aren’t panicked, you don’t have a sufficient grasp of the situation.'"
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How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M

So what would Washington and Jefferson make of Hillary Rodham Clinton? Mandatory financial disclosures released this month show that, in just the two years from April 2013 to March 2015, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state collected $21,667,000 in “speaking fees,” not to mention the cool $5 mil she corralled as an advance for her 2014 flop book, “Hard Choices.”

Throw in the additional $26,630,000 her ex-president husband hoovered up in personal-appearance “honoraria,” and the nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief that the former first couple — who, according to Hillary, were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001 with some of the furniture in tow — can finally make ends meet.

No wonder Donald Trump calls her “crooked Hillary.”

A look at Mrs. Clinton’s speaking venues and the whopping sums she’s received since she left State gives us an indication who’s desperate for a place at the trough — and whom another Clinton administration might favor.
But it’s their parlaying of “public service” by two career “civil servants” into personal enrichment that’s shameless.