Monday, May 09, 2016

John Hathaway: $1.3B Fund Manager: 
Silver Is A Barometer For Resource Interest
Tocqueville Gold Fund manager John Hathaway is convinced the gold bottom is behind us simply because of the lack of people involved in the sector outside the core long term investors .. Silver is an excellent indicator of investor sentiment & its slow rise relative to gold shows the mainstream is still far from being on board. There is still a long way to run with the bull market, at least another 4 years .. The main influence on the global markets is deflationary although government policy is inflationary, we are headed for a significant devaluation in paper currency & poor returns in the equity & bond markets .. Mainstream interest in gold will be sparked above $1400 .. 20 minutes

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BullionStar: The London Gold Market

If you read through you will understand why I think that if there is a dislocation in the global gold bullion market that it will originate in London and sweep westward around the world.