Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Is The Private Sector Serving The Public Sector:
Public Servants Get Higher Compensation
"A study by the government’s own Congressional Budget Office (CBO) claims public sector employees earn more money and benefits than private sector employees, with the exception of those with a doctoral degree: The study says Federal workers with a professional or doctoral degree make up 7% of the Federal workforce. Therefore, 93% of Federal workers earn higher salaries plus benefits than comparable workers in the private sector. I'm still waiting for the 'extraordinary sacrifice' we keep hearing about. The Cato Institute makes a similar finding: 'In 2014 total federal compensation [pay + benefits] averaged $119,934, or 78% more than the private-sector average of $67,246.' Even the New York Times seems to reluctantly concede that state and local government workers earn more. Maybe the word servant makes you think of a butler or maid in some grand European estate. They labor away at menial, inglorious tasks without much recognition. What if most of the servants make more money than the family for whom the servants work. Would they still qualify as servants? .. For the sake of argument, let’s just say we need government employees for maintenance of fisheries, mail delivery, and invading Middle Eastern countries. Fine. Can we at least dispense with the misnomer public servant? A servant who makes more money than those “served” (by threat of force), provides subpar service, takes away jobs, and is immune to firing cannot be accurately titled servant."
- The Mises Institute essay
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