Thursday, May 12, 2016

Is China's Trillion Dollar 
Q1 Credit Surge Already Wearing Off?
As we have repeatedly shown on our website, it requires more "umph" to get the same economic growth, sort of like taking a drug which gives less of an effect as time goes on - or like need more of the drug to get the same effect .. this article has several charts indicating that is what may now be happening to China .. "The incredible new credit creation in the first quarter may not be having the desired, long-term impact that it was intended to have. If that is indeed the case then we would not be surprised in the least to see worries of slower Chinese growth and currency devaluation to resurface in the weeks and months ahead."
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Local mom takes on the FDA for life-changing drug to be made available to kids with SMA

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A local mom just got back from a trip to Washington, D.C., where she spoke with other moms to pharmaceutical companies and the Food and Drug Administration.

The group is part of the "FAST" movement, or "Families for the Acceleration of SMA Treatments."

Katie Myers' son, Kaden, has SMA or spinal muscular atrophy.

SMA, she says, can be a death sentence for babies.

"Dying from a rare disease is horrible and tragic. But dying from a rare disease when there should've been a treatment available-- it's unthinkable."

Katie says the drug, nusinersen, is currently used in clinical trials but not accessible to all children with SMA.

The group asked the FDA and companies behind the drug to make it quickly available to kids across the country.

"It's honestly sometimes harder than the diagnosis itself, knowing there's something out there that can help your kid but you can't do anything to access it," Katie said.