Sunday, May 29, 2016

Helicopter Money On The Way,
Get Ready For Stagflation!
We normally do a Sunday Night Special, but this week, we bring to you a TED video which illustrates the current trend thinking of printing money to finance government-sponsored projects in energy, infrastructure & the environment .. this is a very dangerous trend & is likely to lead to rapidly rising inflation .. printing money (quantitative easing) for bailing out banks who largely did not lend it out into the economy, holding back the inflationary effects .. so-called financial expert Michael Metcalfe uses this recent experience to make the case for financing climate change programs, generally considered a "noble" cause my many, to push the case for helicopter money, thinking this method of printing money will not generate hyperinflation as well .. get ready for massive inflation in a stagnant economy - stagflation! .. SEE RECENT PODCAST & REPORT BY Dr. Albert Friedberg* which discusses Brazil's recent experience in this regard .. 13 minutes

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