Thursday, May 19, 2016

Governments Create Monopolies
Economist Richard M. Ebeling emphasizes the value of free-market capitalism .. "Over the last twenty-five years it has become clear that the same misguided arguments against free market capitalism constantly reemerge, like an ideological vampire waiting to rise from the intellectual grave and drain market freedom of its lifeblood by more government regulations and controls. One of the most persistent of these misguided ideas is the belief that left on its own, competitive markets tend to bring about concentration of wealth, inequality of income, and 'market power' to exploit workers and consumers of what justly should be theirs."
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Anonymous said...

What is the REGROW Act? Educate yourself here.

The FDA needs to reform the approval process for stem cell therapies and embrace AAP, Accelerated Approvals (conditional approvals).

70% of researchers surveyed say the FDA is the biggest impediment.

Anonymous said...

Tonight I watched a video of a little girl with SMA Type 1 dance. Not in her wheelchair while laying down but while STANDING, pointing her toes, lifting her legs, and throwing her arms in the air. Hours earlier I frantically worked on my Type 1 son who was choking on his own saliva while his older sister with SMA Type 2 asked me if he had to go to the hospital followed by, mom, is he dying?!?! This isn't fair. How can a child have such benefits and a drug company or the FDA doesn't say, this is amazing, everyone needs this drug NOW. Cut the red tape! Ionis and Biogen we want Nusinersen now.