Monday, May 09, 2016

Chaos & Volatility On The Rise
Peak Prosperity's Chris Martenson sees systems that have been supporting us as breaking down .. "The economy no longer spins off enough surplus for the elites to take what they consider their share with enough left over for everyone else. So the wealth gap grows unchecked into politically and socially destabilizing levels .. The oceans are rapidly dying off: with corals bleaching, tide pools acidifying, and phytoplankton disappearing. Weather weirdness is now so entrenched that all of the 50, 100 and 500-year events that happen each week are mainly reported on locally and garner little national and international attention .. Financial markets are increasingly volatile and dominated by an unruly universe of computer algorithms that now mainly play against each other, having driven off all the humans .. Politically, we're seeing the former fringes of both U.S. political parties increasingly come into power as they appeal to increasingly disenfranchised and disappointed electorates. All of these are signs that the status quo has failed and continues to fail us."
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