Sunday, May 22, 2016

Central Banking Doesn't Lead Up 
It Leads Down
"Printing money does not create prosperity, only a facsimile of it. We haven’t had prosperity in the West since modern central banking began. Keynesian money printing doesn’t work. It creates enormous debt bubbles and misaligned economic priorities. An economy run via central banking is either in the throes of a series of asset bubbles or their collapse. And over time, the collapses grow more prominent and destructive. Central banking does indeed create economic collapses .. You cannot get to a world government without monopoly central banking and their artificially created monetary chaos. But we’re not supposed to understand that. We’re supposed to believe that these manipulative central bankers and those that stand behind them have our best interests at heart .. The chaos and depression of monopoly central banking is getting worse as monetary debasement gets worse. The only way that real prosperity will return is if money is privatized and competition is reasserted. Until then, try to stay outside of the system. One method: buying gold and silver and taking delivery."
- The Daily Bell
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