Friday, May 20, 2016

John Rubino*: A Crisis Unlike Any 
We Have Seen In Human History
30 minutes


Anonymous said...

What a lot of rubbish. Oh my goodness ... nonsense.

As long as people go to work to earn currency to meet their needs it will all continue to carry on.

Anonymous said...

Asset manager Och-Ziff took out a $49m loan for a corporate jet when it was facing the possibility of a multimillion-dollar fine for alleged bribery of Libya’s Gaddafi regime and other African government officials.

Under its debt covenants,

Och-Ziff is under pressure to retain the $42bn investors have put into its funds. According to its financial statements,

the hedge fund’s total fee-paying assets under management must not fall below $22bn for two successive quarters or it will be judged to be in default against its five-year unsecured revolving credit facility.<------------

The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has banned overseas bribery since 1977 and the DoJ has recently vowed to redouble its efforts to crack down on foreign bribery after a light year on fines in 2015. One top official has called for companies to “give up the individuals” if they want to be considered as co-operating.

Hedge fund took out loan for private jet amid bribery inquiry

how many with similar covenants??????????????????POOF