Saturday, April 09, 2016

Zulauf*: Politics Will Soon Re-Emerge 
As A Stock Market Concern
Felix Zulauf* warns that the financial markets may begin worrying about political related concerns .. he identifies the "Trump" phenomenon as spreading in the western world - this will become a market concern .. While medium-term indicators might give this bull a touch more time to rally, "the upside potential remains very limited from here due to rising uncertainty, an unbalanced world economy and overbought markets." .. overall: "As long as authorities provide the wrong remedy and central banks try to address structural problems by easy money that simply cannot solve those problems, the world economy will not improve in a sustainable manner but may creep along until imbalances break it up again" - The patient has a serious virus in their system, but the central bank doctor has diagnosed a common cold, papering over the real problem .. Zulauf advises clients to buy gold on dips, stick to long U.S. Treasuries & keep an eye on currencies, which will tell the tale of the tape.
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