Sunday, April 10, 2016

You Can Now Get A Consumer Loan
In Germany At Negative Interest Rates!
As the trend for negative interest rates picks up steam in the indebted western world, Santander Consumer Bank AG in Germany is now offering -1% consumer loans on loans up to 24 months .. "Finance now with 0% and is pay 1% off the purchase price. An exclusive designer bed for only 78 euros a month, or a designer dining table for only 88 euros a month - what are you waiting for? Fulfill your desires today and pay conveniently in small monthly installments - and get this money back yet! To mark the 20 years of existence of WHO'S PERFECT, we offer the whole of April at a negative interest rate financing. This means that you get refunded after delivery of your goods 1% of the amount of funding of the purchase contract." .. Zero Hedge: "Meanwhile, even more deflation will be unleashed across Europe as both short and long-term consumer expectations for inflation plunge and instead everyone is looking forward to the latest and greatest negative rate loan which not only pays itself off but reduces the purchase price. All of this will continue until the ECB does one or all of the above: i) forces banks to cut deposit rates negative; ii) eliminates cash; iii) starts the money helicopter. As we write, Mario Draghi is already working on all of the above."
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