Friday, April 15, 2016

Why ALL Central Planning 
Is Doomed to Fail
Bill Bonner essay explains how central planning & in particular central banking is doomed to failure .. "Large-scale planning fails because the facts upon which it is built are always unreliable and often completely bogus. It fails also because people don’t really want it. In a small community, the planners and the people they are planning for are close enough to share the same goals. But in a large community, the planners are a small minority. And in a large community, the planners usually have their own agenda… often a hidden one. They call for stricter law enforcement… while getting campaign contributions from the prison industry. They seek a cure for cancer… and depend on the pharmaceutical industry for job offers. They promote a united Europe… and hope to be its head man."
LINK HERE to the essay

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Anonymous said...

Communism failed. As Mr. Clinton once told a Russian when he visited the USSR "in our experience the less government their is the better things work".

Not that I would for a moment recommend voting for his disaster prone wife.