Monday, April 25, 2016

When Will The End Of The Economic Boom Line
Come For China's Recent Stimulus?
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard provides perspective on China's recent monetary & fiscal stimulus program, started last year, & how long it will take before it peters out .. "The fiscal and monetary stimulus began in the second half of last year and has been building towards a climax ever since - with an accelerating growth of the money supply that invariably precedes a burst of growth - yet some funds continued to bet on the narrative that China was hurtling towards imminent crisis. They played the 'short China' trade through proxies such as the Australian dollar or commodity futures." .. references comments by George Soros* on China & how it feels like the U.S. just before its financial crisis .. "Yet Mr Soros cautioned on timing, noting that the US bubble went on for two years after it was already clear to many that trouble was coming. 'Since it feeds on itself, it can reach the turning point later than anybody expects.'"
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