Friday, April 15, 2016

U.S.$ Devaluation Clock 
About To Strike Midnight
Greg Hunter interviews Rob Kirby who suggests there could be a dramatic reduction in the value of the U.S.$ - "I think this is coming in very short order now. The trail of bread crumbs is indicating this is what is afoot right now .. How quickly this happens is open for conjecture, but that is clearly the direction we are heading. We are unmistakably headed in that direction .. My thinking is there are an awful lot of U.S. dollars out there right now that are going to be coming home to America. . . . The adjustment in global reserve accounts could create a tsunami of dollars coming back to America in a very, very short period of time. That could trigger something approaching a hyperinflationary event or, at least, stagflation and super inflationary pressure. That’s the minimum occurring very, very soon." .. discussion also on the recent revelation of Deutsche Bank & others suppressing the price of gold & silver .. "Whether the U.S. central bank declares that gold or silver are not money in some hubris filled silliness doesn’t diminish the fact that gold and silver are money, and your U.S. Constitution says gold and silver are money." .. 30 minutes

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