Monday, April 25, 2016

The Status Quo Has Failed
& Is Beyond Reform
"That the status quo has failed is self-evident, but we can't bear to talk about it .. the central bank/state model has failed, and history can't be reversed. The failure is not rooted in superficial issues such as which political party is in power, or which regulations are enforced; the failure is structural. The very foundation of the status quo has rotted away, and brushing on another coat of reformist paint will not save our societal house from collapse .. We pretend to not understand that all unsustainable systems eventually collapse, and hope that the next central bank policy--negative interest rates, or bank bail-ins or helicopter money--will postpone it .. But the writing is already on the wall for us to read: these are the tell-tale signs of systemic failure leading to systemic collapse."
- Charles Hugh Smith*
link here to the essay

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