Friday, April 22, 2016

The Priority Of A Government
$19 Trillion In Debt: Artwork On Its Currency
Dollar Vigilante's Jeff Berwick finds irony in the U.S. move to rework the artwork on its currency .. "You’d think with the U.S. government being $19 trillion in debt they’d have bigger priorities than artwork. The U.S. can’t pay what it owes any more than its indebted citizens can." .. it is very ironic that the U.S. is removing the "Dr. Ron Paul" of the 19th century - Andrew Jackson - off of the $20 bill, as Jackson was responsible for shutting down the U.S.' second central bank - "He’d likely be disgusted his face adorns the scrip of the third, and worst, central bank of the U.S., the Federal Reserve." .. meanwhile Alexander Hamilton who was a driving force behind creating a strong & tyrannical government including a central bank remains on the $10 - "It’s fitting that Hamilton remains on the dollar since he is largely responsible for the disaster it has and will become." .. the new face on the $20 will be Harriet Tubman - this is great in the sense that she was an incredibly brave hero who helped free slaves against a tyrannical system .. She is best known for her wise statement, "I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." - Berwick: "That statement has never been more true than today. In fact, slavery never ended in the U.S.. Instead of ending black slavery they just ended up making everyone a slave." - a slave to lost wealth from the debasement of currency of a private institution - Federal Reserve - serving the interests of its member banks rather than people.
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