Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Nature Of A Career Politician
& The Impact On Britain & The EU
International Man's Jeff Thomas discusses potential for a Brexit - UK pullout of the European Union .. how politicians will not make it easy for the UK to pullout & how in fact it is in the best interests of career politicians to maintain the status quo of a big government intertwined with an overall European government .. "Career politicians assume that the nature of leadership is to burden the populace .. They truly don’t understand the concept of limited government. It’s an absurd anomaly to them, so the question is therefore only the manner in which they burden the populace. Lessening the burden is simply not an issue. Whilst they understand that voters wish to be told that the burden will be diminished, it’s not by any means the intent of leaders to do so. In a politician’s mind, the purpose of the existence of the populace is to fill the trough for the leaders. And, of course, the fuller, the better." .. "The EU train is approaching an economic cliff. It’s made a final stop, prior to resuming travel, in order for British passengers to get off, if they so choose. In order to keep them on-board, they’ve offered a few concessions—offering to make the seating a bit more comfy. However, once the UK has agreed to resume travel, they’ll be strapped into their seats with no further opportunity to exit the train, even as it heads inexorably toward the cliff. Although a Brexit now would cause more immediate pain than to stay in, in the long run, all things being equal, Britain would be the first to escape the doomed train, and the first to recover following the crash .. If Britain could withdraw from the EU quickly, it would be in for a rough road initially but, ultimately, would be recovering just as the EU was collapsing. It would therefore emerge as a healthier economy, with the advantage with regard to future negotiations. But that will not occur. The EU will prolong the Brexit and make it as painful for the British people as possible .. Armed with our understanding as to the nature of career politicians, we can anticipate that what we’re likely to witness will be the EU and the UK Government working in concert to expand their mutual power, whilst Britain, as a nation, pays the price."
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