Friday, April 22, 2016

The Great Crash of 2016?
George Soros* Warns To Keep An Eye On China
Pension fund consultant Leo Kolivakis highlights the warnings by George Soros* on China's debt bubble bursting & the financial markets globally .. consideration on what happened to the big "Crash of 2016" that started off in the beginning of the year .. Kolivakis thinks that a lot of the big moves in the financial markets in March were driven by hedge funds covering their shorts .. what happens next? .. "I remain very skeptical of all these moves and think that once fundamentals catch up to the quants, things will reverse very quickly."
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Anonymous said...

“Great editorial in this morning’s WSJ.Patient advocacy is absolutely necessary to get the FDA to be REASONABLE.

Anonymous said...

When I clicked into the article I was hoping to learn something. Well Saros was there in the Photo.

Naar .... just a summary of what has happened. Nothing new or earth shaking with its originality.